The Lanamatic brand stands for future oriented research and development activities. The application technology of tomorrow sets the standards for today’s design and manufacturing requirements.

Lanamatic rodless cylinders are a compact solution to a range of linear movement requirements. The units are fabricated from high strength alloy with sealing parts being oil resistant and pliable.


Rodless cylinders with direct power transmission through the tube slot onto the yoke.

Benefits of Lanamatic cylinders:

·         Variable stroke up to 6000mm, higher on request

·         Double acting operation with adjustable end-of-travel cushioning

·         Operating temperature range of -20° to +80°

·         Aluminium parts made of high strength alloy, sealing parts made of oil resistant plastic and elastomers

·         The mode of operation of the new pit-type cushioning is similar to an injection pump, which means that the flow rate is changed by turning a control edge. A turning angel of 90° is sufficient for altering the cushioning effect from 0 to 100%

Typical cylinders available:

Standard Cylinders

With identical fitting length as existing cylinders without piston.
0 – stroke compatible.

Standard Cylinders

With extremely shortened fitting length.
0 – stroke up to 42% shorter.

Standard Cylinders

With external and adjustable slide guide.
For high loads.

Standard Cylinders

For high loads and moments in every direction.
Double action force central port.

Standard Cylinders

Gripping and clamping functions.
Opening and closing functions.

Standard Cylinders

For high moments in longitudinal direction.

Standard Cylinders

Double action force pressing, embossing, punching etc.