TAKK static elimination products are designed and engineered to handle your toughest and most costly static electricity problems in the widest possible variety of industrial applications, including converting, packaging, textiles, plastics, printing, painting and electronic operations. TAKK products have proven long life, low maintenance and ease of installation.

Benefits of TAKK static elimination products

·         Machines can be operated at higher speeds with fewer malfunctions.

·         Materials can be processed more efficiently with fewer rejects and less waste.

·         Soiling and contamination of your products by dust particles are prevented.

·         Machine operators are protected from discomforting shocks or more serious injury

·         Quality of your products is significantly improved.


Product overview:



IonStorm XR2 Static Elimination Bar System

Extended ionization range of 914mm or more
Shockless pulsed DC extended range ionisation

Featuring XR2 bar and 3750 controllers, this shockless-pulsed DC unit project a powerful static elimination field a distance of over 914mm from target surfaces. Maximum effectiveness even at the highest production speeds and under confined conditions. Low profile XR2 bars are available in 250mm to 2,500mm lengths, in 25mm increments. The controller’s user settings offer maximum ion stream adjustability of voltage, frequency and polarity to match a wide range of static challenge.

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Ion-Edge Long Range AC Static Eliminators

Ultra-effective for end users and OEMs
A market leading economical ioniser

This Ion-Edge shockless AC powerful anti-static tool is effective 150mm or more from target surfaces, eliminating high charge static at production speeds of 609m or more. The compact units are constructed of industrial grade extruded plastic and aluminium with epoxy overlay, and feature resistively coupled, stay-sharp stainless-steel emitters. Compatible with most power supplies from 4 to 8 kilovolts. Standard and custom lengths 100mm to 1,800mm in 25mm increments. Gang up to 3,657mm.


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Model 200 AC Static Elimination Bars




Single scan, wide scan, air bar and dual scan bars
Multiple solutions to your static problems

Model 200, the industry’s most popular mid-range (25mm to 75mm) eliminator, offers a single scan model combining low cost with high performance, a wide scan model with the power of tow-bars-in-one, a compressed air model with increased range, and a dual scan model for neutralising diametrically opposed surfaces. Available in effective lengths 75mm to 3,000mm. May be installed parallel or in bar-to-bar series, with any number of bars connected to a single power supply.

Model 200 Single
Model 200 Wide

Superior results at high production speeds

Precision Point AC Static Eliminators

Effectively eliminates static from small targets such as yarn, trim, tapes, narrow webs etc. Resistively coupled design and high-volume ionisation eliminates high static charges, in a range up to 75mm, even at high production speed.

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Precision Point Ionising Air Nozzle

Combines extended range (up to 150mm) static elimination with compressed air removal of dust and contaminants from small targets such as yarn, trim, tapes, narrow webs, etc. Resistively coupled design eliminates high charges of static, even at high production speeds. Constructed of durable stainless steel, with nylon cable guard. Input voltage is 115 volts, 50/60 Hz. Compressed air supply is required.

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Curtain-air AC Portable Static Eliminator Bars


Blower assisted for wide and deep ionisation
Ionisation range 200mm or more, 350mm to 1,600mm wide

Available in six model lengths, each unit projects an extra wide and deep field of static elimination, with long range ionisation of 2.4m or more, and an enveloping “curtain” of ionisation from 350mm to 1,600mm wide, depending on the model and size. Models are available in lengths 500mm to 1,750mm, enabling you to select a unit suited to your needs. No compressed air is necessary. Each plug-in unit is self-contained, including controls and blowers.

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Vortex Static Eliminator AC Blower Unit

High concentration of ions engulfs static surfaces
Eliminates your toughest static problems


Our highly effective Vortex Blower generates and projects an extra wide (450mm x 450mm) and long range (3m) ionisation field that surrounds static laden surfaces, eliminating static. The unit – economic, quiet and free of emission hazards – is ready to plug into AC power source. A centrifugal blower creates air velocity; no compressed air source is needed. The fan has variable, controllable speed and volume. Requires power supply.

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Ion-Jet Air-Knife AC Static Elimination Bars

Static elimination, plus high velocity blow-off
Shockless, safe, durable and economically

Air-knife eliminates costly static problems and offers multiple benefits of high velocity air cleaning and prepping of equipment and parts. Air-knife is coupled with our Model 200 bar to produce a powerful ionisation field that is distributed in a large jet stream of concentrated air. Amplification ratios are 30:1. Air savings of 40% to 90% over homemade tubes/pipes. Available in 150mm to 1,500mm lengths, in 25mm increments. Compressed air supply needed.

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IonBlast Blow-off Gun AC Static Eliminator

For a static free clean work environment
Increase productivity and product quality

TAKK’s IonBlast is a heavy duty shockless ionised air gun designed for elimination of positive and negative static electricity from static laden equipment and parts and removal of dust and contaminants. This incredibly quiet unit consists of a stainless-steel ionisation head and guard, with an air nozzle mounted on a rugged plastic airgun handle and is engineered for uses with TAKK’s standard power supply. Compressed air supply is required.

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Ionix Inline Static Eliminator

Pays for itself the first time it prevents downtime
No electrical power or maintenance needed

Install the Ionix AC unit in the feeder airline of any press, bindery or packaging operation -–and the uniquely patented tool instantly eliminates static electricity. No electrical power or maintenance is needed. It works by making the air in the line electrostatically dissipative, thus neutralising static on work surfaces and parts. Constructed of highest quality components; engineered for high performance. Warranted for six months; replacement is recommended after one year.

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Inline Ionisation System

A compact compressed airline static eliminator
Compact low-cost tool with top results

For use where ionisation of an existing compressed airline is desired or where separation systems are fitted to sheet feeding decks. Simply cut into the air line and insert the nozzle close to the discharge end of the line. The air connector on the nozzle is ¼ BSP with connector for 10mm ID flexible pipe. Use with a TAKK model 2000S power supply. Constructed of stainless steel and nylon components, with PVC barbed fittings. Compressed air supply needed.

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Anti-Static Tinsel, 100% Copper

Most successful of all passive static eliminators
Lowest in cost, no power required

TAKK tinsel is of high quality 100% copper construction and eliminates static through the self-energising or induction principle (no power needed). The core is made of copper strands that provide greater static elimination. It does not spark and can be used in hazardous locations. Effectiveness increases as static increases. Available in 31.25mm diameter x 22m boxes or 154m bulk spools.

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Anti-Static Copper Tinsel Bars

100% copper bristles in an aluminium holder
Easy to install even in tight locations

Combines the benefits of low-cost static elimination of copper tinsel with the advantages of rigid bar mounting. Tinsel bars are self-energising, induction type (no power needed) static eliminators which do not spark or cause sparks and can be used in hazardous locations. The replaceable tinsel insert is mounted in a lightweight anodised aluminium holder. Rigid construction allows precise positioning. Available in specified lengths 150mm to 2,400mm, in 25mm increments.

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Anti-Static Cord

Constructed of highly conductive Thunder on fibre. Uses thousands of micro points to eliminate static. It is a self-energising, induction type (no power needed) eliminator, which does not spark or cause sparks and can be used in hazardous locations. Strong yet lightweight and non-shedding. Available in 2,050mm and 24,600mm rolls.

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Anti-Static Nylon Fibre Brushes

TAKK’s nylon brushes eliminate static in a wide variety of industrial processing and business machines. Constructed of conductive nylon fibres mounted in an anodised aluminium holder. They are self-energising and can be used in hazardous locations. Available in lengths of 150mm to 1,500mm in 150mm increments.

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Anti-Static Spray

TAKK anti-static spray eliminates negative and positive static electricity at the press of a button. It is available in large 397ml aerosol cans. The spray can be used virtually anywhere static electricity is generated and creates problems such as, feeder boards, machine guides, rollers, knife blades, converting belts, carpets, etc.

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Model 5705 Static Meter

A state-of-the-art, precision, lightweight, handheld field meter for measuring magnitude and polarity of electrostatic potential found in manufacturing operations. Primary features/benefits include stabilised sensor, LED distance ranging lights, high visibility, quick response, and long-term accuracy. Size 105mm x 60mm x 22.5mm. Weight 142g.

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Model 5730 Static Meter

This handheld LED static meter is the leader in its class for analysis of static problems. It registers static charges of up to 150,000 volts, 100-volt resolution, on surfaces at a recommended distance of 100mm. It detects where and how static is generated, plus magnitude and polarity.

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Model 9185 Ioniser Tester

Offers a quick accurate means of checking if AC and DC ionisers are working properly. Measures and identifies bar performance and deterioration caused by transformer defects, shorts, lack of cleanliness, etc. Features LED display, 9-volt battery power and durable housing. May be used with shockless or “hot” eliminators.

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Model 9195 Neon Bar Checker

A quick inexpensive way of checking proper function of elimination bars. Then convenient small size unit indicates that each bar emitter is performing properly by the activation of a neon light signal. May be used with shockless or “hot” eliminators.

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Electrostatic Generators and Generator Bars

A low cost means of temporary adhesion and pinning – effective, simple, non-marking and clean – through the bonding force of static electricity. The generators are available in negative and positive output voltage, and unit lengths of 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm. The generator/bar system allows you to bond similar or dissimilar materials and holds materials in place, eliminates air pockets and wrinkles, prevent plastic films from wandering on rewinders or shrinking on cooling systems.

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