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Long periods of sitting often result in lower back pain, especially if the job or the chair is poorly designed. It’s important (but difficult) to find alternate positions while sitting. While a forward-sloping chair might not be the ultimate solution, it at least offers another option

Advantages of using the operator chair:

  • Excellent lumbar and back support to reduce or prevent back pains
  • Easily adjustable to give comfort and suit individual requirements.
  • Allows for a varying and active sitting posture over short or long periods.
  • Provide relief and adaptation to the movements of your body throughout sitting periods.
Incorrect sitting positionCorrect sitting position
Industrial Chairs, Operator Chairs, Welders ChairsOperator Chairs, Welders Chairs

Purpose build, Industrial chairs

Upholstery Colours





Frame Colours


Sky Blue (Ral 5015)

Iron Grey (Ral 7011)

 Leaf Green (Ral 6002)

(Custom colours available)

ModelLowest SettingHighest Setting
Welders Industrial ChairOperator Chair
Welders Industrial ChairOperator Chair