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Hyde Park Hyde Park Ultrasonic Sensors, Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Inductive SensorsHyde Park

Ultrasonic Sensors

Sensors that are easy to select, install, apply and maintain. Devices that are smaller, interchangeable and adaptable to a variety of environmental conditions.

Sensing the object is the beginning of any high-speed machine control function - the higher the sensing reliability, the higher the efficiency of the control. Using the latest in ultrasonic technology, Hyde Park designs and manufactures reliable non-contact sensors for the most difficult applications. Depending on the application, Hyde Park offers variations of three sensing modes: proximity, retro-reflective and thru-beam.

Hyde Park Ultrasonic Sensors Photoelectric Sensors Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

Why use Hyde Park Sensors:

  • Improve performance by making your machines less complicated and more intelligent;
  • Improve customer expertise with an efficient product line offering simplified selection and improved selling potential; and
  • Reduce maintenance time with products that are simpler and unequalled in flexibility.

Select the sensor according to your specific requirements

Universal Series
Multi-purpose products providing multiple functions. Osiconcept products are included in the series.

Optimum Series
Designed for essential and repetitive functions.

Application Series
Offers functions specifically for specialist needs, thus providing the ideal solution for your more complex applications.

Benefits per range


VIRTU - Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

VIRTU - Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors
Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors
Ultrasonic Sensors : Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors
  • Sensing range of 50.8mm up to 508mm;
  • Dual-mount flat-profile body style and 18mm barrel;
  • Sinking (NPN) or a sourcing (PNP) output available;
  • Rugged duty design for harsh environments; and
  • Simple remote push-button accessory available for teaching of sensing limits.

SUPERPROX - Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors (No delay sensing)
SUPERPROX - Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors (No delay sensing)

  • Easy push-button set-up for the specific application;
  • Onboard microprocessor for reliability and repeatability;
  • Non-contact sensing range up to 2m;
  • Epoxy sealed in tough ULTEM housing; and
  • Virtually impervious to the harshest environments.

Photoelectric Sensors

Improving Productivity

  • A single product for all sensing applications: diffuse, diffuse with background suppression, polarised retro-reflective and thru-beam, normally open and normally closed.
  • Self-adapts to all applications in all environments, making selection simple and reducing part numbers.
  • Increased sensing distance solves a larger number of applications.
  • New smaller compact rectangular bodies save space on the machine.

Saving Time

  • Multimode feature reduces setup and alignment time with a single hardware set.
  • Large selection of mounting brackets and accessories adjusts to all body styles.
  • Complete sensor solutions from one source saving time and purchase hassels.

Typical Applications

  • Conveyor systems
  • Packaging machinery
  • Assembly equipment
  • Food and beverage

Inductive Sensors

Improving Productivity

  • Auto-adaption technology allows a single product for all environments and applications.
  • Fewer part numbers and a clear part numberting system make selection simple.
  • Smaller, compact rectangular bodies save space on the machine.
  • Rectangular bodies in a wide variety of sizes provide maximum flexibility.
  • Increased sensing distance mean that a smaller, less expensive sensor can meet a larger number of applications.

Saving Time

  • Auto-adaption technology allows the sensor to detect at an extremely precise point, eliminating time-consuming adjustment processes.
  • Flush mountable in metal or non-flush mountable in metal via teach mode.
  • Complete sensor solutions from one source saving time and purchase hassles.

Typical Applications

  • Machine tools
  • Assembly lines
  • Material handling
  • Packaging
  • Food and beverage
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