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Taranis Stepper Motor ControllerTaranis

Stepper Motor Motion Control

Taranis digital stepper drives is not only a stepper driver but a single axis motion controller too. This unit’s super fast digital signal processor drive and control 2 or 4 phase stepper motor with whisper quite operation and pinpoint accuracy.

Stepper Motor Controller : Stepper Motor Drive, Axis Stepper Controller, Taranis Digital Stepper Drives
Stepper Motor Drive
Axis Stepper Controller

Taranis is an all new integrated stepper drive and controller solution offering a unique range of features.

  • Ultra smooth motion - over 3 million steps per revolution!
  • 51200 microstep per revolution positional accuracy
  • Silent motor operation at low speeds
  • Powerful 7.5A 85V drive
  • Single 24-85V supply
  • Small size - 135x55x105mm
  • On board BASIC language with 120 keywords
  • 30K Flash EPROM for user programs
  • RS232 & RS485/4W serial communications
  • Syncronised moves accross multiple units
  • 8 User programmable LED's
  • CE Compliant for EMC and LVD
  • DIN rail and panel mountable design
  • Small size - 135x55x105mm

Product overview:

Taranis The Concept
The basic analogue techniques used to Drive Stepper motors have changed little in recent decades. With many new digital signal processors (DSP) becoming available SmartDrive's Engineering team felt new and exciting opportunities were opening up to improve Stepper performance and Controller capability. However with no comparable products on the market and few published articles relating to this technology our Engineering team embarked on a long term research project to investigate these new devices and evaluate their suitability for Stepper products. Out of this pioneering work Taranis was born - a fast BASIC machine and motion Controller, setting new performance standards and taking Stepper technology into an exciting new digital era

Taranis Technology

The heart of this ground breaking design is a super fast DSP. The PWM (pulse width modulation) generating structure of the DSP, intended for 3 phase AC/DC motor drives, has been cleverly untilised to also generate the 4th phase switching and control needed for the classic 2/4 phase Stepper Motor. This adaption allows the MOSFET power devices to be directly controled by the DSP PWM outputs, enabling adaptive mathematical modelling to control the winding current accurately. This advanced technique means low speed motor noise can be eliminated and ultra smooth motion is possible, with over 3 million steps per revolution!


With complex ancillary circuits now not required the component count is low and the circuit board and heatsink construction requirement is minimised, combined with the latest low-on resistance power MOSFET's Taranis is much more compact and themally efficient than traditional solutions, resulting in a unique DIN rail mountable design exploiting standard "user friendly" connectors.

Despite its small size Taranis is packed with high performace features, lending itself to a wide range of user applications. Capable of providing up to 7.5A @ 85V Taranis can smoothly drive size 17, 23 and 34 frame Stepper Motors developing up to 8Nm shaft torque! This can further be increased with SmartDrives extensive gearbox options.

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